Arrow Print Lounge Cushion 55 x 55 cm

*Please note - Orders for Arrow Print Lounge cushion in BLACK &.



*Please note - Orders for Arrow Print Lounge cushion in BLACK & NAVY will not be dispatched until approx. late March 2022 when we receive shipment. Limited stock available in NATURAL  but expecting additional units in our March shipment of this also*
Arrow Print Black cushion—this African inspired cushion is based on the ancient arrowhead this contemporary pattern is small enough to work with any medium or large design- it has an air of Navaho to it.

The ancient hand cut wood blocks are repeated in a steady hand pattern to form the irregular repeats. These designs are all based on traditional designs of ancient times. And are printed onto a sturdy 100% cotton fabric. These delicate blocks are all individually done and team back with Bandhini basic velvet, linen or cotton reverse cushions.

Each Bandhini cushion comes with a feather insert (valued at $32 RRP) for a comfortable cushion, that sits beautifully. They are all French seamed and come with coconut buttons—with a spare in the seam.